Decatur Book Festival Bookstores


There’s been a lot of excitement in our household over the past few weeks. I say excitement. Upheaval might be a better word: changing and quitting jobs, contemplating moves, apartment hunting, applying for jobs and, all the while, strategizing how we can make a living from our hobbies (not asking too much, right?).

One of the exciting changes, I’m pleased to announce, is our decision to move to Atlanta, GA. This weekend, in between apartment hunting, we met up with some old college friends and visited some of my favorite Atlanta and Decatur haunts (can’t forget this one). Needless to say, we fell in love with the city all over again.

As an added plus, our move has timed perfectly with the Decatur Book Festival. Have y’all heard about this festival? Did you know it’s the biggest independent book festival in the country?  Over 300 local and national authors will be signing books and giving lectures, including key note speaker and children’s book author Colin Meloy and illustrator Carson Ellis. (That’s right, the very same Colin Meloy from The Decemberists!) There will also be tons of vendors, publishers, bookstores, local artisans and merchants set up under tents for the “Book Market and Street Fair,” always a popular event.

I’m thrilled to be volunteering at the Festival this year, and in anticipation of the event I’ll be writing a series of posts featuring the local, independent bookstores that will be participating in the festival. The lineup includes: Eagle Eye Books, Charis Books and More, Little Shop of Stories, Blue Elephant Bookshop, Fox Tale Bookshoppe and Peerless Bookstore. I had the pleasure of speaking with three of the booksellers this weekend and all of them had such fascinating insights about the “Future of Books” as well as the importance of events like the Decatur Book Festival.

I hope you enjoy hearing from these fine booksellers as much as I enjoyed talking to them. The first is coming right up!


  1. Kristin said:

    I am a great reader and lover of Bookstores!! Thankful for this blog:)

    • Erin said:

      So glad to hear it, Kristin. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Anne said:

    Thumbs up!

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