Google Trends: Bookstores

Bookstores TrendsThe title of this Google Trends graph is “Bookstores”. Without seeing the headlines for the lettered markers, can you guess what key events they represent for the book industry? I find it interesting that the “Search volume index” has gone down since 2004 while the “News reference volume” has increased.

(Hint: If you guessed Harry Potter for “A”, you’re right. In fact, I bet the Harry Potter releases frenzies account for many of the tallest peaks between 2004 and 2010.)

Potter fans camping out at bookstores
Melbourne Herald Sun – Jul 20 2007
Wal-Mart Takes On Bookstores
Atlantic Online – Oct 16 2009
eBooks in bookstores from next year
Brisbane Times – Oct 19 2009
Google eBooks: Does it give independent bookstores a fighting chance?
Christian Science Monitor – Dec 7 2010
Borders bookstores: the final chapter?
Washington Post – Feb 16 2011
Liberty Media Sees More Than Just Bookstores In Barnes & Noble
FOX Business – May 20 2011

(Graph and table from Google Trends)


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