Dwell’s Bookstore Map

I was so excited to read about Dwell’s project to map all the independent bookstores in the United States. Did you hear about it? The modern home design magazine is gathering recommendations from readers around the web of their favorite places to browse the old dust jackets. All you do is leave a comment on their project site with the name, website (if it has one) and brief description of the shop.

I love the idea of enlisting the help of readers whose primary interest may not be books, but is rather interior design or architecture. After all, one of the things we talk about when we romanticize the “bookshop experience” is the unique look and feel of the space. Preserving that space is so essential if we want to continue the exchange of knowledge, culture and art in a community.

We’re glad Dwell agrees.

Do you have a bookshop you can recommend? I recommended¬†Main Street Books, which I’ve been going to with my Dad since I was a kid. We used to go after ballet practice, because my dance studio was just around the corner from the bookshop. Even today the booksellers remember when I used to come in wearing a pink leotard and my hair in a bun. See? Bookshops are memory banks.

  1. Bobbi said:

    I reccomend Once Upon a Crime in Minneapolis! :) Good post!

  2. I recommend Book Works in Albuquerque. They work hard to keep the personal independent feel while hosting some of the best authors and guest speakers of interest for readers. They are a huge support to local authors and regularly feature their books. I would rather buy my books at Book Works in the north valley of Albuquerque than anywhere else!

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