Nostalgic Candy and Books? Yes, Please!

If there was ever any doubt that Strand Books is the coolest bookshop on the block (in New York, that is), now they’ve gone and added a nostalgic candy line to their store offerings. “So customers can reward themselves after shopping,” says co-owner Nancy Bass Wyden in an interview with The Daily Beast back in February.

I love the idea of selling old fashioned candy in bookstores, especially ones that are in historic buildings. It’s fun and kind of smart-alecky, don’t you think? It says, “You think books are old fashioned? Well, that’s fine with us. We think old fashioned is cool, just like our candy.”

What do y’all think? Would you visit your local bookstore more if they sold wax bottles and lemon drops? (Incidentally, those are two of my favorites).

What’s your favorite old fashioned candy?

  1. Bobbi said:

    oooo, how fun! I used to love the bright red lipstick candy! And the wax bottles were always fun. Not sure if I would visit book stores just for the candy though, but it would be an added treat! :)

  2. Claire said:

    Thinking of candy took me way back to childhood when we had a stamp collection. Not postal stamps but ink stamps. That might be a cool thing to add to a bookshop.

  3. Claire said:

    Oh! Or what about a quote wall? a chalkboard painted wall that anyone can doodle and write on. Those are neat for the community. You could make it magnetic and allow people to post internships, jobs, or interesting events or oppertunities…

  4. Lib said:

    Hmmm, that’s a hard one. Although I am a “SMARTIE” girl at heart, my favorite old fashioned candy would have to be string of ZOTZ … followed closely by candy corn. I did purchase a pack of CLOVE chewing gum recently and must say it was pretty good! Perhaps I’ll seek a pack of TEABERRY next. Remember that? As to whether or not I would visit my local bookstore more – probably not, but I would buy candy from them! By the way, Erin, love your blog and obviously have not made it very far before commenting!

  5. Erin said:

    Yes! Claire – love the chalkboard idea. I saw something like that at Portrait of a Bookstore not long ago. The bookseller there writes a prompt on a post-it note and customer’s give their responses. Very cool idea.
    Lib – I have never heard of TEABERRY… what is it?? Sounds exotic. Thanks for visiting!

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