Penguin Book Mugs

If I had a bookstore, I would sell these mugs inspired by classic book designs.

I also love these colorful coasters by Bristol artist Emmeline Simpson. I bought two. One for each of us. I wrapped them up and gave them to Luke when we celebrated our six months of marriage the other day. They’re a sweet reminder of our time in Bristol, and small enough that they’ll fit into our suitcases when we move back to the States.

The picture is of Bristol’s most famous landmark: the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Sometimes on clear days you can see the sea from it, nine miles away. I love Simpson’s colorful interpretation of a familiar postcard image.

I keep mine on the table by my favorite reading chair, perfect for my steaming mug of red bush tea.

I bet people would get excited to see cute “literary lifestyle” items like this at their local bookstores. What do you think?

  1. Bobbi said:

    I think small book related items in the bookstores are good. They remind you of your time in the store and can make special gifts for other book lovers. I vote yes when you get your store. Maybe sell different teas too. ;)

  2. Erin said:

    Ooh, good thought, Bobbi. Maybe you can start growing tea and I’ll sell yours!

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